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iOS 11: Machine Learning for Everyone

The best post on Core ML I’ve seen so far.

[Metal Performance Shader] Graph API. This is the big news as far as I’m concerned. Creating all the layers and (temporary) images by hand was always a nuisance. Now you can describe a graph, just like you would in Keras. MPS will automatically figure out how large the images need to be, how to deal with padding, how to set the offset of your MPS kernels, and so on. It can even optimize the graph behind the scenes by fusing layers.”

— Matthijs Hollemans

Matthijs is a pro. Helping people integrate deep learning into iOS apps is what he does for a living. His blog is rich with explanation, diagrams and technical detail.

“The new graph API makes my Forge library pretty much obsolete, unless you want to keep supporting iOS 10 in your apps.”

If your deployment target is staying on iOS 10 for a while, the Forge library may be your best bet until you’re able to migrate to the machine learning features in iOS 11.